* Venue: Thanh Nhut hamlet, Cam Thanh commune

*Historical event:
Before 1945, the communal house was located at Thanh Nhut village. During the resistance war against the U.S, it was completely destroyed by the bomb, and was restored in 2018.
dinh thanh nhut

On the night of September 24, 1964, all the Cam Thanh commune’s army and people stood up to attack the enemy to save the fatherland. The enemy quickly surrendered, and came to realise that, fighting in the  battle is not to confront the small and backward revolutionary armed forces but a thousand-year-old history nation and the whole Vietnamese people. Cam Thanh was the first commune to be liberated in Hoi An.
The communal house used to be the meeing point for Cam Thanh commune’s revolutionary committee. It was the place where many politics and military classes were held to educate Vietnamese people to fight against the enemy.

Author: Chi Đoàn Di sản

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