* Address: Phuoc Trung hamlet, Cam Kim commune
sd kim buu

* Historical events:
          Kim Buu Pagoda has been a place of religious activities for generations of Cam Kimpeople. Currently, the pagoda still retains the traditional architectural value of the village temple. In addition, during the resistance wars, the pagoda was also the place where many historical events took place, related to the vibrant revolution of the local party committee and even the whole province of Quang Nam.
chau kim buu

          Since February 1944, , this place has become the contact, hiding and protection base for leaders of Hoi An Town Party Committee, Quang Nam Provincial Party Committee. In April 1944, the Quang Nam Provincial Party Committee held a conference to re-establish the provisional Provincial Party Committee here. At the end of May 1945, at Kim Buu Pagoda, the Provincial Party Committee held an uprising preparation meeting.
          During the war against the US, this place was also one of the important revolutionary bases of Hoi An Town Party Committee. In June 1955, revolutionary cadres in Cam Kim mobilized hundreds of people to come to Tien Hien Communal House, Kim Buu Pagoda, Phan Xuan family shrine, etc., to sign petitions asking the southern government to implement the agreement of Geneva, to organize general elections to unify the country. Entering 1967, this place was the main operation headquarters at night to ensure the safety of the troops and people of Cam Kim commune.

Author: Chi đoàn Di sản

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