Preservation of ceramics artifacts yielded from a wreck in the sea near Cu Lao Cham island

In order to periodically preserving the storage artifacts, Division of Museum belonged to Hoi An Center for Cultural Heritage Management and Preservation proceeded to handle and clean the ceramics excavated from a wreck in the sea near Cu Lao Cham island. They now are saved in the storage of Hoi An Museum at No.10B Tran Hung Dao st, Hoi An.

This ceramics collection belonging to in an ancient wreck had been salvaged from 1997 to 2000. According to statistics, 240.000 artifacts and ceramic fragments were found. Among them, some were utilitarian items used daily by sailors on the boat but by far the majority of these were household ceramics dating back to 15th – 16th century from Chu Đậu – Mỹ Xá ceramic kilns in Hải Dương Province, Vietnam. The artifacts were decorated with various kinds of glaze: turquoise glaze, brown glaze, three colors glaze and white glaze with cobalt blue patterns (blue and white ceramics) in variety of topics and decorative styles. Therefore, in the 15th and 16th centuries, Vietnam participated in the Maritime Silk Route with the most important project was pottery.

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Hoi An Museum has now archived over 4000 ceramic artifacts. Division of Museum annual  carries out the inventory and preservation of these artifacts to long term preserve the values ​​of artifacts for research and promotion.

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