Comrade Cao Hồng Lãnh (birthname Phan Hải Thâm) was born on 20th April in 1906 at Minh Hương Commune (now is Minh An Ward) in Hội An City. His family had maintained the patriotism for generations.

In 1923, he led young people against the forces which oppressed poor farmers.

In 1924, he and some overseas Chinese living in Hoi An went to China to study at Huang Pu Army School in Guang Zhou Province.

In 1926, went to the North of Vietnam to participate in activities of revolutionary Union.

In 1927, participated in Vietnam Revolutionary Youth Association of Quảng Trị Province

In October 1927, take part in the establishment of Vietnam Revolutionary Youth Association of Hội An, served as commissioner of Province Communist Party.

In 1929, take part in the establishment of the Communist Party of Indochina.

In 1939, went to Kunming, China to organize a route connecting Kunming and Việt Bắc Interzone.

In 1941, take part in the building of Việt Bắc Interzone and welcome Nguyễn Ái Quốc backing to Vietnam.

In 1945, served as commissioner of Southern Resistance Committee and South Vietnam Resistance Committee.

In 1951, worked for Việt Nam Communist Party in Guangzhou, China. Established chargé d’affaires at Guangzhou. Cared for the Financial department and led activities of Vietnamese living in Guangdong.

In 1953, served as leader of Kunming chargé d’affaires, responsibility of the consulate in China.

In 1957, served as head of Bureau of Consular Affairs in Việt Nam.

In 1977, retired and lived at No.46 (now is No.25), Yên Phụ village, Tây Hồ Ward, Hà Nội.

Mr. Cao Hồng Lãnh (back row, wearing tie) with congressman in 1960. (Photo by T.Đ.T, taken at memorial house)

He dedicated his life to Hội An homeland and Việt Nam country. Comrade Cao Hồng Lãnh is the fantastic example of moral will and human dignity of a revotionary soldier. To reward his special devotion, Việt Nam Government awarded him:

  • Hồ Chí Minh Medal
  • The First Class Resistance Medal
  • The First Class Resistance against America Medal
  • Badge of Nation copper wall
  • Order of Merit for Communist foreign affairs
  • Badge of 70 years Communist

Source: Center for Cultural Heritage Management and Preservation