Organizing experience activities at Hoi An museum and Japanese Bridge


       From 09-24 January 2018, the Hoi An Center for Cultural Heritage Management and Preservation jointly with Hoi An Department of Education and Training organized experience activities at Japanese Bridge and Hoi An Museum for first and sixth grade students from eleven Primary and Secondary schools in the city.

The first grade students at Japanese Bridge

         Students learned about Japanese bridge and Hoi An Museum through the interaction between Museum staffs and students. They also participated in experience activities such as painting, coloring Japanese bridge and making oil lamps. The activities helped them to understand more about the heritage in Hoi An.

The first grade students making oil lamps at Hoi An Museum

         This is an activity of the program “Heritage Education in schools of Hoi An” to cultivate creativity and thinking of students on preserving and promoting cultural heritage in Hoi An.

Vy Thảo