Audio guides for visitors touring museums and Japanese Bridge in Hoi An


          Responding to a series of activities to to celebrate the 19th anniversary of Hoi An Ancient Town being recognised as a World Cultural Heritage site (04/12/1999-04/12/2018) and commemorate the Vietnam Cultural Heritage Day (November 23), Hội An Center for Cultural Heritage Management and Preservation in collaboration with the Viet Phap Trading Promotion Company Limited has launch an audio-guide service for visitors touring Japanese Bridge, Museum of trading ceramics, Museum of  Sa Huỳnh Culture and Hội An museum.

          The mp3 audio guide (ORPHEO MIKRO) provide infomation of history and culture about Hội An through artifacts in museums and Japanese Bridge. The audio guide is available in 6 languages Vietnamese-English-French-Japanese-Korean-Chinese prepared by native speakers to guarantee the highest quality.  

          According to comments of visitors, the audio guide service should be provided at more tourist places in Hội An to help people better understand the values of Hội An cultural heritage.

Lê Thị Tuấn