Discovering Hoi An with “little tour guides”


        In order to educate children about history, traditional culture of their ancestors and Hoi An cultural heritage, Center for Hoi An Cultural Heritage Management and preservation organized an activity called “I am a tour guide” for 55 students of Ilead International Language Center.

        The activity took place on 11th and 12th July in Hoi An ancient town. They visited and learned about Hoi An assembly halls, communal houses, ancient houses and the Museum of Folklore. They listened to the tour guide in both Vietnamese-English. The activity taught students a variety of skills to become a tour guide. At the end of the activity, the students experienced to introduce an artifacts in the museum that they like best.

This is a useful and interesting playground for children this summer. Through understanding Hoi An relics and museums, they could improved English ability,  culture knowledge and communication skill and behavior. Fostering awareness of Hoi An cultural heritage, one day, they will become “little tour guides” connecting Hoi An with friends in many countries.