The carpentry in Kim Bong


Looked from Hội An ancient town to the Southwest, Kim Bồng carpentry village (Kim Bong Chau formerly) is on the other bank of Hoài river . Now, almost Kim Bồng carpentry village is in Cẩm Kim commune, Hội An town.


Together with the prosperous development of Hoi An commercial port, Kim Bồng carpentry village was formed in (may be) the 16th or 17th century and enlarged in later centuries.

Kim Bồng carpentry’s ancestors who originated from the Northern and Northern Central deltas, came and settle in Hội An. They had conditions to accumulate and apply the experiences and technology of the carpentry – mason of Chàm people, Chinese, Japanese, Westerners… to form their own style of Kim Bồng carpentry in Hội An, Quảng Nam province.

The Kim Bồng carpenters are the main authors who built the assemblage of Hội An ancient town as well as many wonderful architectural buildings in Quảng Nam province and Huế citadel. They are also the authors of famous “bầu” boats in Quảng Nam and many skillful wooden handicrafts that are kept in Hội An and other places in and out of the country.