The pottery in Nam Dieu, Thanh Ha


       It is said that, in the 16th and 17th centuries, the potters from Thanh Hoa, Nghe Tinh came to settle in Thanh Ha village and then, they developed the pottery which is still going on retransmitted up to now.

      The pottery products in Nam Diêu, Thanh Hà are mainly none-enamel, smooth pottery and  balanced shape. Some pottery utensils  are also decorated embossed-threads around the shoulder of the product or enameled with blackish brown or dark yellow colors…


       In the old days, due to its favourable location, next to the market and the river together with convenient transportation by means of many “Bầu” boats,  the pottery products in Nam Diêu, Thanh Hà were not only sold well in Hội An commercial port and the coastal provinces in Central Vietnam, but also became exported goods. The pottery products in Thanh Hà were stated in “Đại Nam Nhất Thống Chí” – a historical book written in the Nguyen dynasty as a good local product part of Quang Nam province.

       In recent years, pottery in Nam Diêu, Thanh Hà was rehabilitated step by step. It contributed to supplying many utensils and art products for the daily life of the local residents and the demand of tourists.