Hội An occupies an important strategic position in Quảng Nam province. Therefore, Hội An was chosen as a capital town of Quảng Nam province by French and American during war.  They set their major headquarters in Hội An to control the war in Quảng Nam province. Because of that, the revolutionary activities in Hội An were faced many difficulties and challenges.  Under the lead of communist party, Hội An people and military had fought bravely to hold their land and villages. During 45 years (1930 – 1975) in war, Hội An also received the great supports from other dictricts and provinces in the country. The Battalion No.2 (V25), a local military force of Quảng Đà province, is one of many forces that helped Hội An people to fight the enemy during 1967-1968.

         The Battalion No.2 (Code name: V25) belonging to Quảng Đà military force was established on 05/8/1965 in a place of Đại Thắng commune, Đại Lộc district. Total 400 soldiers and officers led by carde Nguyễn Văn Thành were organized into 4 fight teams, including many subcommittees on counseling, politics, logistics, reconnaissance, information, transportation… The Battalion No.2 was responsible for destroying bases of the enemy in Quảng Nam province. The establishment of V25 added more battle power for the province military force when the American resistance war entering the difficult stage due to the appearance of American Expeditionary Force.  

         Over 10 years period (1965-1975), V25 won many important battles of Quảng Nam province. In Hội An, V25 had combined with local people and military for one year to fight the enemy. These victories became a glorious milestone not only in the tradition of the battalion but also in the revolutionary struggle of Hội An.

         In the early of 1965, the United States launched a partial war in the South Vietnam by using the American Expeditionary Force. Therefore, the Army of Republic of Vietnam was added more power to break the revolutionary movements. The American set in motion the first dry season campaign (1965-1966) in the expectation that they could win the initiative in combat. But they had failed even if they had modern weapons. They continued to increase number of soldiers to launch the second dry season campaign in 1966 – 1967. Their military attacks in all South Vietnam were more intense than ever.  In Hội An, the enemy herded villagers into small groups in communes of Cẩm Châu, Cẩm An, Cẩm Hà…for easier controlling. Because the revolutionary movements of Hội An people were facing many difficulties, the communist party of Quảng Đà Province decided to launch the winter-spring offensive in 1966-1967. The offensive was launched in Hội An, the East of Điện Bàn and Hòa Vang.  The Battalion No.2 was located in the East of Duy Xuyên district preparing for the resistance. Hội An communist party planned to attack the enemy in both rural and suburban areas, forcing them to stay back in defensive positions, minimizing the level of attack in the suburbs.

         In the beginning of 1967, the V25 supported Hội An military. Hội An has a complicated topography, including plat plains, many rivers and canals, enemy troops everywhere…Thus the V25 faced many difficulties when fighting here. They practiced combat techniques; worked closely with the local military to understand the enemy situation; offered the solution to the problems of each combat. Before every battle, the reconnaissance forces of V25 stayed at bases around Hội An such as Trà Quế village (Cẩm Hà commune) for preparing. The local people treated them well and helped to hide them from enemy.

         The first big battle launched by the V25 in Hội An was on 5th March 1967. Attack target was the enemy Province leader’s office building and Hiếu Nhơn military zone. The V25 had destroyed the buildings and killed all enemy troops here. The V25 was awarded The Feat Oder First-class, one soldier was awarded The Feat Oder Second-class, 4 soldiers were awarded The Feat Oder Third-class.

          The V25 continued to vestigate the enemy situation at other targets in Hội An. The next target was Hội An prison where detaining thousands of Hội An people and revolutionary soldiers. The V25 worked with Hội An military force for combat planning. The combat commitee was established; Mr. Nguyễn Văn Thành was the leader. In the evening of 14/7/1967, revolutionary force attacked to Hội An prison,
rescued over 1.200 people and soldiers then safely left. After the combat, The V25 was awarded The Second-class, 4 soldiers were awarded The Feat Oder Third-class by Vietnam Government.

         One month after the victory at Hội An prison, The V25 continued to open combat to attack enemy bases in the center of Hội An on 26/8/1967. The most important target was the Military Engineering Battalion No.102   of the Army of Republic of Vietnam. The V25 destroyed and killed all enemy soldiers here. The next victory of V25 was the second attack to the province office building and Hiếu Nhơn military zone on 10/9/1967. Thereby the V25 was awarded many The Feat Oder.

         The V25 left Hội An, moved to Đại Lộc area B. In 1968, they came back to in the East of Duy Xuyên district preparing and practicing for the Spring offensive 1968 in Hội An. They had 215 soldiers led by Mr. Mạc Như Tung. In the evening of 29/1/1968, the V25 secretly passed the river arrive in Cẩm Thanh, Cẩm Châu, Cẩm Hà communes.  In the evening of 30/1/1968, the offensive was begun. According to plan, the V25 started from the north east of Hội An. But they met the forceful counterattack of the enemy. In order to preserve the battalion force, the V25 returned to the base at Trà Quế (Cẩm Hà commune) and ready to continue fighting. The V25 also contributed to the victory of the Spring Summer compaign (code name X1) on 4/5/1968.

         The V25 contributed to the victory of revolutionary movements in Hội An during 1967 – 1968. They approached to the enemy at important bases and targets, causing significant losses.  There were many brave soldiers such as Mr. Thái Văn Xuân killed 26 enemy soldiers, collected 11 guns while injuring at the belly. He kept fighting until his arm was broken. On 30/8/1995, The Battalion No.2 was awarded The Hero Unit of the People’s Armed Forces by the Vietnam government for the contribution in the cause of national liberation and protection.

* Notes:

(1): In July 1962, enemy separated Quảng Nam province into two provinces: Quảng Nam and Quảng Tín. In December 1962, Vietnam government  separated Quảng Nam province into two provinces: Quảng Đà and Quảng Nam, Hội An was belonged to Quảng Đà Province.

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