“Discovering our museum” with topic “The formation of residents on Earth”


          The activity was organized for twelve kids from Hanoi Innovative Learning Lab in Ha Noi with topic “The formation of residents on Earth”.

      The children visited Japanese Bridge, Museum of Sa Huynh Culture and Museum of Trading Ceramics. In addition, they also participated in the jigsaw puzzle game of Japanese Bridge picture, making and tasting traditional cake. Although the weather was hot and walking distance was long, the children were very happy and excited.

        The activity “Discovering our Museum” is spreading, attracting not only children of Hoi An but also children from other places. Previously,  30 children of Quang Nam Newspaper took part in and experienced at Tra Que Vegetable Village and Thanh Ha Pottery Village. We often change topic and content in order to help the children experience useful and wonderful things.

Vi Thao