“Bả Trạo” Singing


Bả Trạo” singing is the popular type of the folk singing and performing of Hội An fishermen in particularly and in Central coast in general. Nowadays, this type is being conserved in Hoi An and is permanently organised at Whale Worship Celebration festival annually.


According to old artists, “Bả Trạo” singing was in Hoi An long ago. “Bả Trạo” singing or off seeing singing for a dead person is a singing type when performers take the oar to make the oaring actions. The performing formation includes three or four leaders and 10 or 14 oaring persons. In addition, there are also the ceremonious band and a drummer…

Bả Trạo” singing plays an important role in the spiritual life of Hội An fishermen. This activity is organised not only to express their love and respect to the Whale called “Ngọc Lân Nam Hải” – the god that helps them in disaster in the oceans – but also to pray for the fishermen’s safe in the immense seas and a bumper crop of sea products.