Dialogue with the archaeological heritage in context of Urbanization, Modernization and Global Climate Change


            Ph.D. Bùi Hữu Tiến, Vice director of Museum of Anthropology belonging to University of Social Sciences and Humanities, an official member of Hà Nội National University held a meeting at the Meeting hall of Hội An Center for Cultural heritage management and preservation in January with experts and staffs to talk about the topic “Dialogue with the archaeological heritage in  context of Urbanization, Modernization and Global Climate Change”.

            With many years of experience in research and activities in archaeology, Ph.D. Bùi Hữu Tiến showed the difficulties and challenges in protection and preservation of archaeological sites and relics that we face nowadays.  He also highly praised the results that Hội An Center for Cultural Heritage Management and Preservation has achieved in preserving archaeological values of Hội An area. They are the efforts of all staffs and experts of the Center.

            Ph.D. Bùi Hữu Tiến shared some solutions to preserve the archaeological heritage that consistent with the development of today’s society. He emphasized that the most effective method for preserving and promoting the heritage values was the closely connection between the heritage management agency and its community.